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Kaima Rice
The Kaima Rice we offer is an exquisite variability of 'Kaima rice'. It has a peculiar aroma as well as a subtle taste. It is immensely popular in southern India. This is the main ingredient that is used in the dishes ofThalaserry Biryani, Jeera Rice and Payasam.
Gobindobhog Rice
Gobindobhog rice has abundance of anti-oxidants, proteins and fiber. This is easily digestible and has umpteen health benefits. It can deal with the imbalances of the body. Consumption of this rice is beneficial for the skin. It can increase the bowel movement and is best for those who want to lose weight.
Biryani And Ghee Rice
The Biryani And Ghee Rice range has rice packets in several capacities. This rice is used to make the special veg and non-veg biryani of your face. This staple food is cultivated in severalBengali areas. It is prized for its wonderful fragrance.
Jeerakasala Rice
The Jeerakasala Rice has a non-sticky texture after it is cooked. This is used to make varieties of dishes. It can be cooked well with ease. It has a fiber as well as protein content. This is included with antioxidants and has low carbohydrate content, making it apt for the low-sugar diet.
Jerragasamba Rice
The Jerragasamba Rice is included with selenium, which is beneficial for the colon as well as intestine. In addition, it has fiber that makes it suited for removing the free radicals. In addition, it is included with phytonutrients that are known to boost the heart function.
Swarna Rice
The Swarna Rice is one of the healthiest varieties of rice. This is a staple food that comes with a low risk of diabetes. It is known as the best staple food. It has low risk of diabetes and is accessible with good nutritional value.
Miniket Rice
The Miniket Rice we offer is highly suited for making various recipes. This staple food is an everyday magic. It is asubtle and beautiful aroma. This grain is acknowledged for several properties such asextra-long grains, high nutrition value, and are simple to digest.

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